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Tuesday 6/9/2020

Started the day with Veronica’s aerobics class, now at its new start time of 7:30, and yes, there was one additional attendee.

On and off through the day I worked on the model car. It was time to paint the body using my brand new airbrush. A tiny little spray gun, basically. I used my new “spray booth” which is a large cardboard carton I salvaged from the recycle area. I’m not too happy with the results. The color is good and I did a good job of masking the parts I didn’t want painted. But the final coat is not as smooth as I’d like. I’m especially disappointed in the clear coat. I used Krylon gloss clear spray, which I’d gotten for some other reason, and it didn’t come up glossy. Semi-gloss at best. I see there is a high gloss model clear coat paint I can order from a hobby store. So there will be another week shipping delay. Meantime there is just a wealth of very very fine detail painting to do, using my newly acquired set of very very fine detail painting brushes. Oh, and the chassis. I can make this one model into a career.

Middle of that I got a call from Nancy, one of the principals on the FOPAL board, asking if I’d read the emails she sent me last weekend. Well, I had, but only in a cursory way. They were about plans for reopening book sorting and sales, and I just assumed I was being CC’d, because they knew I wasn’t coming back without a vaccine.

Well, actually, no, they were to me and there was a request in them for me to help assess sign-up and scheduling software. They want to reopen with a very controlled process, where buyers (initially only people who are actually members of FOPAL) sign up for specific time slots to enter the sale rooms. Turns out, there are roughly a half-bajillion web services to help you create sign-up sheets. She’d picked a few that sounded good and wanted me to help evaluate them.

Sure! So there went a good part of the afternoon. It kinda came down between Slottr.com and Signup.com. I set up experimental sign-up sheets on three services, and sent my notes and links to the created sheets, to her, to evaluate.

My final tax return came from the accountants. Due in large part to the portion of my Channing House entry fee that can be assigned to health care, I get a nice refund from both the Federal and State, and apparently don’t need to file any estimated taxes for 2020, either. At least, none is shown in the accountant’s summary page, although I want to verify that.

At 5pm came an email from Rhonda. I’ll quote the important bits, emphasizing the points that stood out for me:

As you know, a mass testing for COVID-19 was performed on Sunday, June 7th for all workers who have been in the Lee Center in the previous 14 days and all residents who reside in the Lee Center. This mass testing was in response to the one positive test result for one of our Skilled Nursing residents.

Test results have been trickling in over the course of the day. As of now, we have two positive test results for COVID-19. Each of the positive results are for workers in the Lee Center. These workers are asymptomatic and are isolating offsite.

Residents who have been in close proximity to these workers have been isolated. They and their families have been notified…

We are scheduling another round of mass testing which will include all staff and all residents, including Independent Living. This next round of testing will be on or near, Sunday June 14th. Planning is underway and we will keep you posted as details are arranged.

What’s interesting is that the two (so far) workers were asymptomatic. Just this morning on the TV news I saw a clip of an epidemiologist from WHO saying that asymptomatic transmission appeared to be unusual and not a big problem. (But now, trying to find a link to that announcement, all I get are links saying the opposite.) Anyway, given that we check everyone at the door for symptoms, asymptomatic transmission is about the only kind of transmission we could be open to.

Also interesting: going to test all residents including us IL people. That’s good.

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