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Saturday 6/6/2020

Did the laundry, yay.

Stirred some pots via email. One resident, a doctor, wrote at length to the CHBB advocating that IL residents ought to be tested. Which made me wonder, how exactly would I go about that? It isn’t obvious. The SCCDPH has a site with a helpful map to locate testing sites. There are five sites near me. Four are various parts of the Stanford health organizations and it isn’t clear who they will accept for an appointment or under what criteria. One appears to be a branch of PAMF although the name is different. The PAMF (Sutter Health) website says zilch about testing. So I finally used that site to send a message to my primary care physician Julia, asking her to explain how I could get tested if, for example, I thought I might have been exposed.

Wednesday I wrote about the Resident Association exec committee worrying about the minority of residents who can’t participate in meetings for lack of technical skills or equipment. Today Dennis said something that reminded me of a thought I’d had months ago: our building-wide Xfinity service should be able to generate an in-house channel. If we had our own channel, it would be easy to put an image of a Zoom meeting on it, and everybody has a TV and ability to turn it on. It wouldn’t be interactive but a person could at least follow what was being said.

So I proposed that in an email to the exec committee. They seem to like the idea. One said, she thought somebody was working on that, and gave a couple of names. I will continue to follow up.

The package of paints I’m waiting for was nominally delivered by the USPS at 6:20pm. However, all packages have to be disinfected by house staff before they can be picked up. So as of 8pm that hadn’t happened.

I played Psychonauts a bit more and quickly fell into a deep hole that I can’t see how to get out of. So I looked up a Youtube walkthrough and watched it and decided not to continue playing it. It’s a “platformer”, a style of game where you use your controller to leap about through various mazes and obstacles finding things. Watching someone who is comfortable with that style of game is awesome but in the first five minutes she had visited places I had no idea were there. What, you can jump onto the roof of the cabin? And there’s something to collect up there? Oh and if I climb that tree it leads to a cliff with a cave that contains…

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