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Sunday 6/7/2020

Usual pleasant Sunday morning activities: big crossword puzzle, watering plants. On the plant front, the wood-sorrel that I started last fall from a cutting taken from a street planting, is just growing insanely. I put it in a large pot; it has filled it and is pouring down the sides. And it has never stopped putting out a profusion of little yellow blossoms. (With very little trouble I just identified it: it is “Volcanic Sorrel” aka “Wood Sorrel var. ‘Zinfandel'”.)

I cut back the dragon-wing begonias to short sticks in December just as Marian used to do, and they have boomed back with a yard-high solid block of their (dragon-wing-like) foliage, and both pots have started the first blooms. The two fuscias I bought at the nursery just before the lockdown are healthy and continuing to bloom. So.

I took a longish (well, 3-mile) walk. Along the way my eye was caught by this explosion of bougainvillea.

On the way back in I picked up the package of model paints that was delivered yesterday.Over three short sessions (allowing paint to dry between) I did the seats and door panels of the interior in two shades of gray, matching the design from the factory brochure. Actually now I see that the factory shows the carpet in a different tone than the dark color on the upholstery. Tough. I’ve got a dark gray and light one and that’s that. After a little touch-up tomorrow I will use the “chrome pen” I bought to color the door hardware and rub strips.

Doctor Marx wrote back with info on ‘rona testing at PAMF:

Hi David,
Right now (as of today; this could change anytime), Pamf/Sutter does not have the capacity to test asymptomatic people at all (including us staff!). However, if you ever have even the slightest of symptoms (fatigue, headache, fever, cough, body aches, etc), then please contact us so we can get you an appointment at one of our very safe, outdoor respiratory clinics.

Julia Marx, MD

So I have to have a symptom. But, but, but… if some rando sneezes on me, I can be infectious for days before the symptoms appear.

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