1.186 novel, fedex, meeting

Friday 6/5/2020

Went for a run as usual. Fiddled around until afternoon. Spent an hour editing the novel. Feeling down about that.

I’ve got several orders outstanding, with various hobby materials and books. One is coming by Fedex, and the Fedex tracking page is just fascinating. Here is the progress of my shipment:

  • Monday 6/1 5pm, received at Berlin, WI.
  • Tuesday 6/2 2am, left Berlin WI.
  • Wednesday 6/3 2am, in transit, Countryside, IL
  • Wednesday 6/3 2pm, in transit, Orrick, MO
  • Thursday 6/4 2am, in transit, Mooreland, OK
  • Thursday 6/4 2pm, in transit, Jarales, NM
  • Friday 6/5 1am, in transit, Needles, CA
  • Friday 6/5 1pm, in transit, Turlock, CA

Quite a fun road trip! 2,590 miles, 40 hours driving time, Google maps reckons. And only 100 miles to go now.

In Rhonda’s 4pm meeting, not a lot of news. Our one positive case is asymptomatic. Re-test being done. All SN and AL patients and all 170 staff members being tested this Sunday, under supervision of nurses from the county health department. Contact tracing has been unhelpful. We have good logs, and we know all the maintenance, housekeeping, and nursing staff with contact with that person and all have tested negative in prior tests. “We’re a bit befuddled,” Rhonda admits. Possibly a false negative; possibly a staff member will come up positive in the next tests.

That person is now isolated in our COVID-19 center, being attended by staff who have volunteered to live on-site in ground-floor guest units to protect their families. The only physical access to the Lee building is via the basement where you are logged and can only enter with an N95 mask.

The response to this has delayed the planning to allow more garage access, and the planning to allow family visits, which would be outdoors (patio) with plexiglass dividers; expect updates next week.

All staff including IL will be tested soon, but still no plan to mass test IL residents. Positive tests from Sunday’s tests (results expected Tuesday) may change that.

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