1.185 our case, housecleaning

Yesterday I forgot to mention the real big news: Channing House has its first COVID case.

To my surprise it was not found among staff or the 200 independent living folks, but in the skilled nursing facility. It was found because, in obedience to health department requirements, we’d begun testing all SN and AL patients. The administration moved fast at that point. Since yesterday physical barriers have been set up on all access ways between the “tower”, independent living, and the Lee Center where AL and SN are. The only access is through the basement past a guard who registers anyone going in or out. The staffs had already been divided but now they don’t come into contact at all. One hallway with guest rooms in the tower has been barricaded; those rooms are in use to house Lee Center staff who are sleeping on-site.

It hasn’t been said (I hope this will come out in Rhonda’s phone meeting tomorrow) but I assume intensive contact tracing is going on. It should be possible to know who had contact with our patient, either a relative or the small number of staff. Lee Center staff was all tested at the same time as the patients and I believe have been cleared.

Thursday 5/4/2020

Did Veronica’s 7:15 aerobics, and suggested to her that it might be better at 7:30. Michelle, the one other joiner, agreed.

This being Thursday I had a bag of fresh linens outside my door, and between 10 and lunch I did the housecleaning. That was about the only useful thing I did today. I didn’t work on the model because I’m waiting on paint colors, which should arrive this weekend.

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