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Wednesday 5/3/2020

Started with a run. Then about 10 took the car out. Well, I lie. At about 10 I made my way to the garage ready to take the car out, but the Prius said, “Key not detected”. So back through four doors, up the elevator, to my room, take the car key off the desk, and about 10:10 I took the car out. Just drove around the back roads, up Page Mill, along Altamont, back on Foothill. It was a brilliant warm day and there were several bicyclists along the route, and in fact I was recognizing parts of the streets as ones I had last been on, cycling, maybe 5 or more years ago. When I cycled.

Worked a bit on the car model. The next phase is to assemble the interior. It’s quite detailed. Here’s the dashboard, for example, and a real one for comparison.

OMG I just noticed the handle of the parking brake in the real one. I don’t think that’s in the model.

So I clipped all the interior parts off the sprues and sanded off the flashings and then contemplated. There is a heckuva lot of detail to paint. Which is in a way, wasted effort. This model doesn’t have opening doors. Opening hood, but not doors. So whatever detail I render on the interior will only be seen through the little windows, i.e. not very well. So I was thinking how I could paint the dash and then rub the paint off the little radio buttons so they would be white against the paint like the real ones, and then thought, oh really? Why? Well.

Also thought about paint colors, and then spent 40 minutes or so at various websites assembling an order with suitable light and dark grays to paint the upholstery and the top of the dash. Oh, and while there I found a pre-mixed acrylic in a green that is acceptably close to the body color. So I won’t have to mix.

Three PM was the Residents’ Association Executive Committee meeting. I’m the treasurer as I mentioned a few weeks ago. The topic was changing the wording of the Handbook describing how to use the in-house email bulletin board. There are two, CHBB for general interest, and CHOpinion which is supposedly were anything that might offend anyone goes. There have been a few Incidents in which people Offended. So we approved more explicit wording on what’s acceptable and recommended use of CHBB.

Spent most of the time talking about what a couple of members said was widespread feeling of not enough communication. Pre-virus there were monthly R.A. meetings in the auditorium, attended by pretty much all 240 residents. There is now Rhonda’s Friday afternoon Zoom call, but that gets at most 150 people signed in. There is at least a quarter of the residents who are just not capable of attending an online meeting — where they were capable of getting themselves to the auditorium and feeling like participants. What to do? Not at all clear. We can’t have physical meetings of any size, so what can we do for that minority who can’t do online?

On Reddit, saw a thread on “what TV series should everyone have watched” and made a list of ones that sounded good. Then searched my Xfinity system. Several are Netflix: Avatar: the Last Airbender, Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman (which I’d never heard of), Derry Girls. A couple are on HBO: Chernobyl, True Detective, The Wire. I could re-watch all of Orphan Black on BBC; I loved that series the first time around. I can access Mr. Robot but I gave up on it after two episodes when it ran the first time. BlackAdder is on Amazon Prime along with The Expanse, the latter has been in my Prime watch list for months now. Also on Prime is a movie, Cas & Dylan, which stars Tatiana Maslany, the wonderful actress who played eight different clones of herself on Orphan Black.

I watched one and a half episodes of BlackAdder tonight. It is a very silly show. Sometimes I am tempted to upgrade my Xfinity to add HBO, SHO and Netflix. And then I think, I don’t watch the ones I can access now, so really?

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