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Last night’s demonstration of a couple of hundred people blocked 101 for a while, shot off some fireworks, and ended peacefully. Also, I don’t know it happened, but I had that post ready to go at 7pm and never published it. So it went up 24 hours late.

Tuesday 6/2/2020

Did Veronica’s aerobics at 7:15. We had 3 this time, that’s a 50% increase. Later I went for a mile and a half walk, deposited a check. At 11am was the Writer’s Group. The “cue” for this week, James Russel Lowell’s line What is so rare as a day in June, did nothing for me. So I had nothing to read. But before I actually had to admit that, Zoom froze, so I just turned it off.

Spent a few hours finishing up the engine of the Chevy model.

On the right side, I would love to work out some way to create spark plug wires from that teeny little distributor to the six spark plug holes. But jeez, that would take jeweler-level skills. Anyway, on to the interior.

I didn’t touch the novel, although it was on my mind. I’m doubting myself. Damn it, it’s good. But reader reactions have been lukewarm at best. !2-year-old me would have loved it.

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