1.182 novel, model, mob?

Monday 6/1/2020

Went for a run early. Felt fine. Mid-morning, spent 2 hours adding about 1500 words to the novel, a couple of new scenes. They may add a bit more feel of “stuff happening”. What’s frustrating to me is, there are 39 short chapters in this book and something happens in every one. But not exciting things or violent things. No explosions. I guess that’s it. Over the past decade, writers in the MG and YA fields have so raised the bar of intensity that a quiet story about people doing interesting things in an interesting and exotic place, just isn’t intense enough.

Worked on the car model for another couple of hours. That’s very absorbing and satisfying if a little frustrating. I am far from having the engine complete.

About 3pm a voice-mail and duplicate email from Rhonda arrived, detailing our “Social Unrest and Mobs Emergency Response Plan”. Netting it out, since there have been violent demonstrations in several Bay Area cities and curfews are in place, we should know what our plan is should a mob arrive at Channing House. Our risk is that our ground floor is all glass windows. If a mob comes near, there will be an announcement, and the ground floor and basement will be evacuated, including all staff moving to the second floor. Residents are to shelter in their rooms until an all-clear is announced.

So that was the plan. Now at 6pm comes this:

We have just been notified of protestors heading to downtown Palo Alto on University Ave. The protestors are approximately 150-200. Highway 101 is closed. At this time, we ask you to please shelter in place in your apartment for the rest of the night.  We are evacuating the lobby areas due to the vulnerability of the glass windows. Please do not come down to the lobby for meetings or to get your mail. Please cancel any activity you had planned on the lobby floor.

I have not been paying a lot of attention to the protests. Guess I should watch CNN more?

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