Saturday 5/30/2020

Almost half way through the year. Mind you, this blog’s “year” starts on December 2.

Little catchup. A few weeks back, while surfing the internet looking for visual references for the 1951 Chevy, I stumbled on an eBay sale of an old plastic model of a 1951 Chevy, still in a sealed box. I was the only bidder, and it arrived yesterday.

The copyright date on the box is 2004, so it isn’t really an antique. It’s by the same company as made the new one I have started assembling. I’m very interested to find out if the parts are any better molded. There’s nothing wrong with the new one, but injection molds do age with time. But I don’t want to mix them up. So I broke the 15-year-old plastic wrap and took a very cursory look and put it away for now.

I went out about 8:30 to deposit some checks, and thought I’d stop in at the Farmer’s Market which just reopened. Figured I’d be there when it opened at 9am, when it isn’t crowded.

Yeah, right. The line was 2 and a half blocks long. The market’s up ahead, the line goes down past our classic Post Office and around the corner.

Middle of the day I watched the streamed launch of the SpaceX Dragon capsule to the space station.

SpaceX, one of Elon Musk’s companies, is the real deal. They are the outfit that returns the big first-stage rocket for a soft, upright landing on a barge. They did that today, too. This soft vertical touch-down is thrilling to me; it is exactly like something out of 1950s science fiction.

Somewhere in the morning I put in an hour on the novel. I found a place to add one small thing, so a little more “stuff” happening.

Evening, I ordered pizza and Patty and Gwen and I had supper in the lobby. Along with the mail I picked up two of the many packages I’ve been waiting for. One was the model paints including “rust” and “semigloss black”. So now I can resume with painting the engine.

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