1.179 crows, frittering

Tuesday last I posted a picture of three giant crow sculptures on a nearby house. I have learned since the story behind them. Well, it doesn’t really explain them but it tells about how they were brought here. “It’s art, ok?”

Friday 5/29/2020

I went for a run this morning, which felt particularly good. I’ve commented before on how, for no obvious reason, some runs seem very effortful and some easy. This was easy.

And that was about the end of productive work for the day. I just frittered the time away. That was one of my mother’s expressions, frittering time away. Hah, well, not unique to her, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary it is from the 18th century. Thank you, internet.

One useful moment: one of our residents, Ilsabe (Ilsa-bee) had put in a tech call. I know Ilsabe from before I moved here. She uses my realtor Chuck as a financial advisor, so when Chuck heard I was thinking about CH, he referred me to her. Initially I was thinking about taking one of the one-room units, and she has one of those, so she very kindly showed me around her place and talked about CH. Eventually I took the two-room unit I have now.

Anyway, Ilsabe wanted to join the Current Events weekly (Zoom) meeting yesterday, and while she did get in she got no sound. Lennie tried to help her by phone with no result. During that, something she clicked on, guh knows what, told her her computer, a new Macbook Air, wasn’t suitable. So I was called in as a “mac expert”. I talked to Lennie and we had an idea. As of last Friday’s Rhonda meeting we can have “gatherings” of up to 3 people, but only in the main lobby. So how about we three gather in the lobby with our laptops and work this out?

That worked quite well. We, well Lennie mostly, walked Ilsabe through reinstalling Zoom and joining a meeting in progress (one of Victoria’s fitness classes was on), and she had sound. So she’s pretty confident she can join the next Current Events meet.

The rest of the day was fritter, fritter, fritter. I don’t know where the time went. Or care. But I am disappointed with myself.

At 4pm it was time for CEO Rhonda’s weekly general meeting. Over 100 people dial in for these, most on their phones. I guess a few use the computer. Rhonda talked about how frustrating it is to read about “reopening” and “recovery” when in fact the pandemic hasn’t gone away, and per the Cal and SCC Depts of Health we in a retirement community are in an ongoing “medical emergency.”

They have finalized their testing plans: the 25 residents in SN will be tested monthly. 100 staff members who contact those in SN will be tested every 2 weeks. Remaining staff (including Sodexo food service) will be tested monthly. Assisted and Independent residents are on their own; if you want to be tested get authorization from your PCP and go to any of the SCC testing centers.

She and staff have reviewed the CDC guidance on books, papers, etc. You may have heard those were not considered a vector? Wrong. Communication through the air is primary but all surfaces can carry the virus and the CDC says “objects that cannot easily be disinfected, such as books, should not be shared.” So she strongly urges that the informal swapping of papers and books (that we all knew was going on) be stopped.

They are formulating a plan for setting up a meeting area where residents can meet with families. More news next week.

They are formulating a plan to have garage-return hours five days a week instead of just Wednesday, details next week.

We were recently fully audited by a disease-control expert from our licensing agency and got their highest rating of “no deficiencies found”. That’s a real achievement. That, and having zero infections.

The management staff have taken on the extra duty of being “phone buddies”; each has a list of 16 or so residents they should call weekly, and are calling a few each day. Expect a call from your phone buddy soon. I’m conflicted about this. I really am not suffering for loneliness. While I don’t mind chatting briefly with somebody, I kind of hate to take up a hard-working staff member’s time. We’ll see when I get my call.

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