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Thursday 5/28/2020

Did Veronica’s 7:15 cardio zoom. After a pleasant interlude of internetting I started the process of cleaning. About 9:30 my InstaCart shopper began shopping, and about 10:45 she arrived. I distributed the stuff to my two neighbors and my own refrigerator (I’ve got Sriracha now, as any well-equipped home should), and then got back to cleaning. Finished all that by lunch.

Along the way I had a phone conversation with Marc Lacrampe. No big news, just keeping in touch.

In the afternoon I did a little proofing at PGDP. About 1 an email arrived from the Computer History Museum. “Sadly we don’t see any way of reopening before July 6, etc.” Not a problem for me, as I won’t be back there before CV day (Covid Vaccine).

Later an email came from Jannette who runs FOPAL, detailing how they plan to go about reopening in a month or two. See CV, above.

About 4, came an email from Gretta and Aurora, curators at the Museum, inviting their usual volunteers to participate in a project. They’ve been going through the catalog trying to sort out and add consistency to the categorizations people have used for our 100,000 artifacts over the years. They’d put together a long (22pg) document listing all the topic words and phrases they’d found, with their proposed definitions, and invited us to edit it based on our industry experience.

Oooooh a chance to edit a bunch of technical definitions? Count me in! So I worked on that from 4pm until supper arrived at 6:15.

In the midst of that came the usual, daily, COVID-19 update email from the City of Palo Alto. Usually pretty boring stuff, but this time something caught my eye. The City has renegotiated their lease on the Cubberly community center. Cubberly is an old high (or middle?) school that was closed many years ago by the PA school district. The City leased most of it and rents out many of the old classrooms, offices, and portables to community and nonprofit outfits. Prominent among whom is FOPAL! So here’s what I saw today from the City:

the City will continue to lease the athletic fields, gyms, pavilion, and theatre from the school district. The school district has a need to take back the remaining buildings on their property and have requested that the City and its tenants vacate these spaces. This will impact community groups with leases on spaces owned by the school district.

Well, that’s a bit of a shock. I may have misunderstood the scope, but I’m thinking this means that FOPAL is going to be kicked out of its two portable buildings and its four classroom spaces. So much for reopening.

Finally, I found a cheat. I have several free iPhone games. Just nice mindless entertainment apps, which are free to download. They’re annoying, however, because between every game or every round, they show an ad for some other app.

Yesterday when I was killing time on car freedom day, I was down in the valley of Foothills Park, where there’s no cell coverage. I was playing one of those games and… it didn’t show ads between each game. Hmmm. So tonight I just switched on Airplane mode and… my free games can’t show any ads! Hahahahahahahahah!

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