1.175 A holiday

Monday 5/25/2020

Memorial day, although that has never had much significance to me. Other than nephew Dennis, who served in the Marines in Viet Nam, I have no connection to the war experiences being commemorated.

I started with a run. Then a little this, a little that. One little was an hour reviewing the chapter by chapter synopsis of the novel that I prepared a couple months ago while ramping up to submit to agents. Trying to think where among these points I could add a couple of different incidents of action or crisis — the primary criticism I’ve had is, not enough stuff happens.

I watched some videos about building model car kits. That was helpful. I learned a couple of new things, and was reminded of a couple of mistakes not to make. Also realized another few things, tools, paints, that I should have, so ended up putting seven small items into my Amazon shopping cart. When I checked out, Amazon broke it into three different orders. I already have two hobby-related Amazon USPS orders being tracked, plus two from eBay. Plus my Peet’s coffee subscription is due to ship. So in the next week I should be getting at least one package a day for several days.

In the evening I found two, 2-hour shows on my DVR, The first episodes of each of Titan Games and Naked and Afraid XL. I watched an hour of each.

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