1.174 A Sunday

Sunday 5/24/2020

Pretty much a standard Sunday-Rona. Paper, puzzle. Shocked when my morning weight was 174.8, highest in some time. Whyyyyy? I’ve been controlling my intake with care the past few months and had been bouncing around 173+/-1.

Watered the plants. Did some proofing at PGDP. They, along with Zooniverse, appear to be benefiting nicely from quarantime. Lots of people with time on their hands and computers.

In the TV section I noticed with pleasure that The Titan Games series is coming back. I really enjoyed that last summer. Beautiful physiques both male and female, doing amazing athletic feats over very cleverly-designed obstacle courses. It’s good mindless entertainment. Speaking of which, I also enjoyed Ultimate Tag the other night. Not as inventive as Titan Games, but again, gorgeous people doing athletic stuff.

In the middle of the night — maybe this should go in tomorrow’s blog, but whevs — I woke up with a decision: I won’t pursue Crafting Interpreters but will instead start spending my “real” computer time on the novel. I haven’t heard back from two of the three beta-readers I sent it to, but I have had enough feedback to know it mainly needs “more action”. More stuff happening. And a couple of other things. Rewrite time.

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