1.176 warm day, boogie, novel

Tuesday 5/26/2020

Started the day with Veronica’s morning cardio. It’s a nice 30-minute warm-up at the very convenient time of 7:15. Today there were 2 other people zoomed in. Then I read the internet for a bit. And decided if I was going to have a walk, I better take it before the predicted heat moved in. So I put on my panama hat and went out. My destination was to find a sculpture I’ve noted a number of times from the car, these crows.

Why would you, having a modest Eichler on University Ave, in between much larger houses, decide to put three 8-foot-tall crows on your lawn?

Anyway, walk complete, I found myself back in my room at… 10:30am. Time passes rather slowly.

I spent a pleasant hour and a half auditioning videos for a little side project. Back in March, when SFJAZZ announced they were canceling the 2020 Boogie Woogie Festival, I was looking at videos of people playing that style, and wanted to share. So I sent out a post to the house BB titled “Hump Day Boogie Woogie” with a video of one of my favorite players. Several people said they enjoyed that so I started doing it every Wednesday. There are a lot of boogie woogie videos on the net. But they aren’t all good. Some don’t have good audio, or good video. So I have to be a little bit selective in what single video to share. Plus I like to listen. So I put on my noise-canceling headphones and auditioned a dozen or so to select the next couple of weeks’ posts.

There are at least a dozen videos of people performing the Bumble Boogie, the boogie-woogie version of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee. You know who does the absolute best version? With the cleanest technique, the most panache, and the most solid left-hand beat?

You’d never guess. The dude rocks!

Later I spent an hour on the novel, editing the first few chapters, tweaking a bit of dialog here and there, but not finding anywhere to insert more action.

Afternoon I sat out for an hour on my balcony. The thermometer said 93º but, thanks to my Eastern exposure I was in the shade with a pleasant breeze and it was nice.

Evening, I finished watching The Titan Games. I still like that show, the inventive challenges, the serious athleticism (the ripped bods). I recommended to my neighbor Patty at our cocktail hour the other evening. She wrote today saying she tried it but “not my thing, sorry”. Well, tastes differ.

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