1.173 code, colors

Saturday 5/23/2020

Saturday. What did I do in quarantime? Well, I spent some time with Crafting Interpreters, and was disappointed. In this book we are at a major breakpoint. The author, Bob Nystrom, has led us through building a working interpreter for a small programming language. His implementation was in Java; I made the same program in Python. The result works, executes code written in this language. But it executes slowly; any test of serious computation quickly stretches to seconds and minutes to complete. Not too surprising, because the implementation is not optimized at all. Dozens to hundreds of statements in Python are executed in order to execute a line of a test program.

His next step is to completely rewrite all the work done to that point, in C. It’s been a while since I wrote any code in C, although at one point I’d have classed myself as good-to-expert in it. Do I want to continue with the book? His presentation style annoys me. Every time I finish a chapter, I want to go back and rearrange it, present things in a different order. “Bob, look, it would be so much better this way…” So maybe I’m done with it, or boredom may drive me back to it.

In the afternoon and evening I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the question of how to get the correct body color on the Chevy model. Pat suggested DickBlick art supplies and that is a trove of paint colors. I went through all their liquids and sprays looking for something like the right color. I found a GM brochure from 1951 online, and by sampling it I prepared a swatch, see alongside here.

Compare it to the photo; of course amateur photos in uncertain light are not reliable color sources.

I’ve also looked at all the hobby paints in online hobby stores. I can say that Sherwin Williams “SW 6444 Lounge Green” is pretty close, but of course their paints are only available in quarts and gallons. And probably too thick to spray on a wee little model car.

Then I found trycolors.com, a fascinating site, where I can put in the hex version of my RGB formula (#839A78) and it tells me I can mix something that is within 99.3% of that using a ratio of “4 drops of yellow, 5 drops of magenta, 5 drops of cyan, 3 drops of green.” Now we are getting someplace! So back to Dick Blick and order myself some bottles of acrylic paint in primary magenta, cyan, yellow and green. I have days and days before all this shit arrives in the mail. I can spend that time worrying about how I can get an air-brush. Do I want to buy one? Maybe somebody around here has one already. Maybe the paint will look ok, brushed on.

OK, it passes the time.

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