1.165 quiet day #57

Friday 5/15/2020

Went for a run in the morning. Fiddled around with programming for a couple of hours. Read a chapter in a book. So fun.

Rhonda’s weekly meeting had some news. She talked a lot about her interactions with the Santa Clara County and California state departments of public health. We, and all other group living facilities, are under new mandates. CDPH emphasizes that lifting some restrictions does NOT mean there is any reduction of risk. We are in an emergency, and facilities must implement “stellar” infection prevention. It is ok, says the state director of public health, to be fanatical. Every facility to have a general plan insuring screening, PPE use, training, public surface cleaning methods and materials, etc. by the 1st.

To implement the “stellar” infection control, the state told facilities they should have a “brigadier general” in charge. Rhonda has promoted Angela LaMothe, the woman I’ve worked with before moving in and who has been running the upgrade project, as our “general” to implement and manage this. A resident commented later Rhonda couldn’t have made a better choice, and I’d concur. Angela rocks.

SCC adds the mandate of a testing plan. By the 1st they have to decide who to test (staff? residents?), how often, how to pay for the tests. At a later point Rhonda commented she was impressed with the state and county managers, all knowledgeable and they do listen.

Meanwhile, and irrespective of any loosening of restrictions for other people, we are not to participate in any “gathering”. Over several questions it became clear that a “gathering” was any meeting with a person from a different household. Where a household is your apartment. There is “some flexibility” to allow fully-masked residents to meet in the lobby or their floor lounges. But if you go out to a relative, or a meeting of any kind, or to the emergency room or Urgent Care, you will on return enter a 14-day period of room isolation.

Exceptions are “essential activity” including: scheduled medical and dental appointments (because doctors can control access and infections, where the emergency room can’t), grocery stores, the farmer’s market. Not excepted: riding in another resident’s car. So when Patty and Gwen went out in Gwen’s car to pick up our restaurant orders? Violation. (Don’t tell!)

Coincidentally, I got a cheerful email from Janette, the FOPAL director, outlining their thoughts on when they might reopen, and asking when we volunteers thought we might come back. I replied “2021” although at greater length.

My new phone has traveled from Schenzen, China to Menlo Park, but FedEx didn’t feel like delivering it today. I did receive one of the six different things I ordered for a new hobby. Five others in transit.




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