1.166 walk, packages

Saturday 5/16/2020

Just for fun I mixed up a meal replacement shake from powder for breakfast. I have three bags of different flavored powders, left over from last year, but I’ve been breakfasting on ready-to-drink ones. Well, that was my exciting breakfast.

Then I went for a 3-mile walk. Time to catch up on podcasts. Did some coding, watched some youtube. The usual.

I should say, over the last couple of days I’ve triaged a few more games. The oddest one was A Mortician’s Tale, in which you play a trainee mortician learning how to prepare bodies for burial or cremation. (Play the trailer at that link.) It was a teeny bit interesting at first, but after each procedure, you have to go into the chapel and attend the funeral, meaning listen to the chat between the different mourners. That’s about as interesting as it would be, attending a funeral every five minutes in real life. Uninstall. Next was Into the Breach, a turn-based game in which you deploy your robots to defend the Earth against alien invaders. Sort of a cross between chess and Dungeons & Dragons. I got bored very quickly. (“Why am I short of attention? Got a short little span of attention” — Paul Simon, “Call me Al”)

One that’s marginally a keeper is Osmos, which is visually pretty, and slow enough I can actually play it, and not full of annoying puzzles. I can put on my noise-canceling gamer headset and zone out to it. Sscchhlrrrk!

One more package of support for my new hobby arrived. About five to come including the most important. A package that did not arrive was my new phone. It is still at FedEx in Menlo Park with status “Package not scheduled for delivery”. So I called Apple support, and the guy there said, it is scheduled for delivery on the 19th. So, what, they just have to hold it until… yup. Can’t deliver it sooner than promised, apparently.




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