1.162 Coffee and supper out

Wednesday 5/13/2020

This morning, instead of a run, I walked to the old Palo Alto Cafe in Midtown, to meet Harriet for coffee. This was the first time I had a cappuccino in — six weeks?. We sat a few feet apart in outdoor chairs and chatted. Then I walked back.

Hey, iPhone Health app? You are so busted. Google maps knows that it is 1.8 miles there and back again, so 3.6 miles walking. You only show 2.8. Unfair!

Anyway I was back in time to take the car out. I drove up 101 a few miles, turned around, came back. Traffic on 101 is running at 70+ in the slow lane.

Did some more coding, and writing about the coding. Nobody wants to see that.

In the afternoon, I called in my order to the Peninsula Creamery: grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate chocolate shake (i.e. made with chocolate ice cream, not with vanilla plus choc. syrup). Patti and Gwen went in Gwen’s car (she is parking it outside, it isn’t quarantined in the garage) to pick up the orders. At 6:10 we three were seated with appropriate spacing around the dining table in the 6th floor dining room. As with last week’s pizza, it was a nice change to eat a meal while talking to other people.

Oh, I should mention, I killed another game off my bundle of games. Hollow Knight is one of those games where you control a little avatar guy running and  leaping through a complicated dungeon world, slashing at everything, defeating monsters small and large, and collecting tokens of various sorts. I got about 5 minutes into it and I needed to make my little guy leap from a cliff to a floating platform to another floating platform, to another cliff edge. I tried about 25 times to master the timing of the first leap, from cliff to platform, and I kind of got that but could not master the skill of then, continuously (because if you stop to think about it, you’re toast) leap to the next platform. Right. Escape key, quit, go into steam, “manage this game> uninstall”, byeeeee.

I watched 15 minutes of a YT walkthrough of it by a skilled player. If you have the twitchy reflexes to handle this sort of thing, it might actually be fun.

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