1.161 lost tuesday

Tuesday 5/12/2020

Oh damn it happened. I didn’t do a blog post last night. Now it’s Wednesday afternoon and I cannot remember what I did yesterday. Seriously. Like I was in a coma from Sunday to now. Wait… (Checks the “sent” folder of emails) … ok, I remember something.

One, I polled the 6th floor residents to see if anyone wanted to do any shopping this week. Nobody did.

Two, I got called by a resident who wanted help with her TV. She called me directly, which is a kind of a no-no. The appropriate thing is to call the Tech Squad hotline and Bert would assign a squad member to help. I didn’t think fast enough. I asked a couple of polite questions and then I was committed.

The lady was set up some time ago by somebody with a very large, at least 60-inch, LG TV and a Bose sound-bar. She drives it with one of the old, small Xfinity boxes and the old-style remote. Her problem was that the TV only showed snow. She said she had been “on the phone with XFinity for hours and they were useless.”

Indeed they are if they couldn’t figure out what a screen full of snow means. I knew from 30 seconds into the call what was wrong. I’ve seen it once or twice before, here. Somehow they manage to switch the input-select of the TV away from “Cable” onto some other source. HDMI-3 or something. Or in this case, to “Live TV”, which is how the menu on the LG screen described it when I hit the “input select” button on the remote. I.E. it was switched to “antenna”. There was nothing connected to the antenna socket, hence: snow. And if the XFinity call center couldn’t suss that one out, they were really bad.

There is a vicious button on the top corner of both the old and new Xfinity remotes, “TV Input” which — if the remote and the cable box have been properly paired with the TV — will call up the TV’s input source list. Unfortunately, many of our residents have no idea what that means, so they ignore it, and then they end up with this problem, a blank screen. It bugs me, too, because it is really easy to hit by accident; and once you hit it, the remote can’t be used to tell the TV to dismiss the damn menu. I have to go pick up the TV remote where it is gathering dust in the corner, and use it to dismiss the source menu.

Anyway, I figured it would not be possible to talk her through the fix on the phone, so I broke all the quarantine rules and went to her apartment and stood in the doorway and used her remote to pick “cable” from the TV’s menu, and instantly there was CNN or whatever. She was awestruck at my technical mastery.

Oh, and the Bose sound-bar? Not working. I strongly suspect it is powered off. I asked if she had the remote for it. She didn’t think so, or if she ever had one, didn’t know where it was. So I set the TV to use its internal speaker.

So that was Tuesday, pretty much.

Oh, one more thing! I ordered some stuff from Amazon that I will discuss after it arrives. Quarantine time-filler stuff.

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