1.160 coding and youtube

Monday 5/11/2020

Went for the usual run, which felt just fine. Spent several hours coding, working through most of chapter 11 of Crafting Interpreters. Author doing some really clever stuff. I enjoyed translating it.

I didn’t mention yesterday, that I finished the game HiveSwap. Well, I say finished it; I mean, finished with it. I got to another point where I was stuck, so I turned again to the YT video play-through and watched up to the point where I was stuck and a little more to see what I had missed. Then I did go back and play through that puzzle (and one more achievement that the video guy had missed, ha ha). Then I realized that the video play-through had only about 20 minutes to run, so the game was nearly done. Heck with it, I just watched the rest of the video. Glad I did, because it turns out, the game so far was only chapter one of a much longer story. It ends on a cliff-hanger with Jodie and Xephros riding away from the evil Heiress on a Lusus and…never mind.

Since they produced this game back in 2017 and haven’t added another chapter since, it probably won’t ever be finished. Too bad. It had nice characters, a good script, clever art. But I can’t recommend it even as a freebie, because it isn’t finished.

I am getting a lot of entertainment from Youtube videos. There is such an endless range of subjects and personalities. You want something that will chill you right out and leave you calm? No, not meditation. Spend half an hour watching this guy restore a painting. I watch a guy designing and building a computer from scratch. I watch a woman rebuilding a Toyota MR2. I watch a machinist adapt a piece of equipment. People doing stuff, skillfully, that’s what I like. It’s soothing.




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