1.159 walk, new phone

Sunday, 5/10/20 <- nice sequence

Sunday. Mother’s day. Apparently I missed out on something, because I had declined breakfasts on my meal request sheet. Or maybe it was just the women? Anyway, I saw comments on the local bulletin board thanking Sodexo for the lovely Mother’s Day  breakfasts, with, it seems, a small bottle of sparkling wine, and orange juice for making Mimosas, and flowers.

Actually later, with my lunch tray, I got the little bottle of sparkling wine also, which I sipped after supper.

Per this blog in late March last year, I started the process of recycling three old Macs which eventually resulted in my having three Apple store coupons worth in total about $700. Today I spent two of them, which covered all but $20 of a new iPhone SE and a wireless charging stand. I like the idea of the charging stand. I’ll put it on my night table where I usually lay the phone, and it can be charging all night. It’ll be handy to have it charged every morning.

The phone will be a minimal upgrade from my 7S one. Same size and color and shape, but a somewhat upgraded camera and a faster processor. Eventually I’ll take the old one down and swap it for the 5S that I loaned to Jean, and then recycle that one. In that sweet bye-and-bye when I can take the car out and drive around.

I wanted to go for a walk but I’m bored with just going out for a loop. I need a destination, which in the past would have been a coffee shop or some other kind of public sitting space. OK, today I opened maps and picked a park, Greer Park, a bit over a mile away. Walked there, found a nice tree to sit under, and sat for a while.


Then got up and walked back. Phone said I’d walked just over 4 miles. But at least I had “been someplace” definite.



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