1.156 thursday washday

Thursday 5/7/2020

Did the 7:15 aerobics class. Then, after a bit of sitting around catching up with the internet, I started the Thursday apartment cleaning. Dust. Wipe down kitchen, and then all the surfaces in the bathroom. At the start of the DIY Housekeeping thing, they gave me a vacuum, a swiffer, and a big spray bottle of a cleaning solution, Peroxy, “hydrogen peroxide based cleaner”. It’s odorless, clear, and very effective. Light spray on any hard surface; wipe it around with a damp rag; wipe it off with a dry rag; it sparkles. Go over all the wood surfaces with a dry rag and Pledge.

Then move all furniture onto the carpets and Swiff the hard floors. Then move all the furniture off the carpets and vacuum. Then change the bed linen and done.

My shower has clear glass doors. Back on Tasso street I kept a squeegee in the shower and squeeged (is that a word?) the inside of the glass before getting out. It helped a lot to keep the water spots from building up on the glass. I decide to do that here also. I order a squeegee and a suction-cup hook from Ace Hardware up the street. After lunch I go up and pick it up.

Got an email from SFJazz: all concerts through August canceled. Damn. I had booked two shows that I was really looking forward to. Now I have to decide whether to return the tickets for credit or donate them. I split the difference, claiming credit for one show, donating the other.



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