1.155 shopping, pizza

Wednesday 5/6/2020

Started with a run. I found myself awake at 5:50, so I ended up starting my run at 7am.

At 9 am I got notification that my grocery shopper had started working. She arrived with the stuff just before 11am. I hastily put the bags in my room and headed for the basement, because today was car freedom day, when we are allowed to take our cars out of the garage. I took the Prius out for a 20-minute run, just to warm it up and charge the battery, then back to the garage.

Back upstairs I broke down the grocery order. I had filled out order forms for the 7 customers (6 plus me). I put them around the big table in the 6th floor dining room and put the items next to their forms. At this point I noticed (rather belatedly) that the case of Anchor Steam I had ordered was on the bill, but not present.  I texted the “runner” and yes, it was still in her car. We arranged for her to circle back with it later.

Then I wrote down the prices of everything and added up the individual bills, and delivered everything to the recipients. By which time my lunch tray arrived at my door, and almost at once I got the text from the runner, she was outside with muh beerz.

After lunch I placed an order for pizza delivery. I had agreed with Patty to share a pizza tonight. We did that last Wednesday, when she ordered. Rather than split that, we agreed I would order this week.

What a busy morning. Think I need a nap.

Supper was nice. Patty and I sat on opposite sofas in the lounge and talked while gorging on pizza. First time I’ve eaten a meal in the company of another person in … six weeks?

Bag balm! Stuff fucking works! Once or twice a day I put a little dab on the back of each hand and rub it around and up my forearms, and it moisturizes nicely. All the dryness I was having from washing so often, is gone. Also, remarkably, the little patch of psoriasis I’ve had for years on the back of one hand, is staying softer and smoother than it has in a long time. I’m getting to like the smell of creosote.

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