1.157 small time stuff

Friday 5/8/2020

Went for a run but an odd coincidence made me shorten it. Once again I had left the building without my mask. Well, it was early and nobody was around. There’s a point where I cross a pedestrian bridge over a creek. Approaching this I found myself catching up with a man walking slowly, also without a mask. He was slow, but fast enough that I could not pass him before the entry to the bridge. So I’d have to follow him over the narrow bridge, in his breath-wake. Nunh-unh. So I turned away and took a shorter route home.

One nice thing today was that for the first time in weeks, I heard construction workers below me on the 5th floor. So they are back on the job.

I did some programming. I played HiveSwap for half an hour, until I got stuck again; then I watched more of the YT play-through to see what arbitrary clue I had missed.

The weather was warmish, up to 80 in the afternoon, and for the first time this year I was comfortable sitting out on my balcony.

I tried watching a play streamed by the UK National Theater, By Jeeves. It was by Alan Ayckbourn and Andrew Lloyd Weber based on PG Wodehouse. That’s a pile of talent, and should make it good, but it wasn’t. If I’d seen it in a theater, I’d’ve left at intermission. I left the stream earlier.

And that was the day.

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