1.152 trying for structure

Sunday 5/3/2020

I used to maintain a varied structure to my week. Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon, working at FOPAL. Thursday, artifact work at the museum. Friday and/or Saturday, lead a tour. Sunday morning, coffee at a coffee shop while reading the paper; also watering the plants.

All that’s wiped away now, so every day is pretty much like every other. We try to keep up some standards, anyhow. Sunday I still water the plants and do the big crossword. Other than that, it was pretty similar to Saturday, and Friday, and…

Well, next Saturday morning I will do my laundry, so I  have that to look forward to.

The programming book that I’m working through, Crafting Interpreters, gave me a little bit of mental work. I’m finishing up chapter 9, and at this point have the skeleton of a programming language implemented, with variables and if-statements and loops working. So at the end of each chapter the author has these “challenges”, basically extra-credit puzzles. The one at the end of chapter 9 was, “Ok, you have loops working. In many programming languages there is some kind of a break statement that terminates a loop early. Add a break to your interpreter. It should be a syntax error to have one outside of a loop. Inside a loop at execution time, it should end that loop only.”

Working out how to do that took me a few hours on Friday and again Saturday. Then while taking a walk today I figured out what I was missing, so finished that task and tested the code.

Fun, right? Fascinating? Well, better than doing another crossword puzzle. Which I also did.


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