1.153 day just slides by

Monday 5/4/2020

Went for a run; it felt fine. Divided my non-fiddling-around time between crafting interpreters and studying Affinity. That was about it.

OK, editing. Couple of things worth noting.

One, little flashes of grief. Haven’t been troubled by these for some time, but somehow, looking at the plants reminded me of Marian, and later something brought up recollections of trips we had taken together. Not grieving so much for the person, as for the entire life as a couple that ended. I remind myself that I’ve done a good job of crafting a safe, comfortable, moderately interesting new life, and that’s great. But the old one is gone, never to return, and that makes me sad when I dwell on it.

In the area of not-dwelling-on-it, I spent some time with the game, Hiveswap. I “cheated” by watching a video walk-through to get past the latest snafu, getting Joey (not Josie as I wrote before) past the latest snake-lizard monsters and into the safety of the attic. Where she is shortly sucked into a bizarre portal and the “swap” of the title happens: Joey is transported to another world, and we see a different character, a sort of evil Joey?, being transported the other way. I believe the game maker’s plan was to have a second game about that character, but they didn’t finish it?

Anyway I stuck with Joey through the first couple of scenes in the new place, which included an amusing puzzle. She picks up a bizarre alien ipad thing and tries to log into it. The log-in process involves playing a game of “snake” — remember that old game from the 80s? If you can get the snake to eat five targets, Joey is logged in to the pad. That only took me about 6 attempts.

One thought on “1.153 day just slides by

  1. You have done a wonderful job of restructuring your life and purpose-you have memorialized you’re wonderful life with Marion and if the beautiful flowers remind you of her that’s awesome- you just refinished a table you two shared- you noticed every nick and burn you shared together-Ithink it’s beautiful- yes it’s grief- but if she’s watching she would be SO happy and proud of your recovery-
    You are amazing of well you plan..and entertain and amuse yourself- I read your blog- love it-
    I never knew you ever gave me much of a second thought during my life- but I must say your gift you sent me- for the reason you sent me- was probably the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me..
    I’m slow on the table birdbath because I need goodwill to open so I can find a basin- I have a silver one I will work on and see how it turns out-soon I hope-love from here-laurel


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