1.151 quiet Saturday

Saturday 5/2/2020

All days are quiet now of course. But when I got up I decided I would not go for a walk today. Spent the day entirely in the room. Did some coding.

Played a little of Hiveswap. I’m ambivalent about this. The game is cute and inventive, but it’s basically a puzzle game. I don’t mind solving easy puzzles, but the hard ones are just so arbitrary. Example. In this game our adorable avatar Josie is trying to thwart some multi-legged serpent monsters. One traps her in the basement. Command Josie to  thwack it with her flashlight; that doesn’t help. OK, what else do we have? She has some doggie treats, have her throw some at the monster. Monster eats treats and says something snappy, but isn’t defeated. Josie is proud to be a dancer, click to have her put on her ballet shoes, click the monster. Graceful Abscond! says the game, but no, she bumps into the monster and hurts her knee. Have her put on her tap shoes and do her tap dance. Monster says something scornful. But now if you try the ballet shoe escape after the tap dance routine, now she gets by the monster and up the stairs. You have to do it in the right order, or it doesn’t work. Arbitrary.

I saved the game and quit when she’s stuck in the kitchen with another monster who is keeping her from getting to the carrier pigeon with the marbles she needs to decode the…never mind. I will go back to a youtube walk-through to find out what arbitrary sequence of actions I have to do to solve that.

With fresh oil
Oil all soaked up

First thing, though, I coated the coffee table with generous amounts of Liquid Gold. Four hours later, the wood had entirely slurped up the oil. On the left, glossy with a coat of oil. On the right, later. I didn’t wipe it, it just drank up the oil.



I’m delighted at how the color has come back. See yesterday’s post to see how it was kind of yellow-gray. Now the deep red-brown I remember is coming back. It’s a nice piece. The top is made from four pieces of wood, with “book-matched” grain and almost invisible seams. The legs are pure “mid-century modern”. It is lightly “distressed”. You can see a black spot; that’s from a mistake with a sharpie 20 years ago. There’s a very small cigarette burn from the early 1980s when we still smoked.

In the evening I watched some of a movie. I have this web page saved, “The 100 best movies on Amazon Prime tv”. One was The Thirty-Nine Steps which I watched Wednesday night. Tonight I tried Annihilation, Natalie Portman agonizing over a strange DNA-morphing alien thingy. So slow. Nice that the adventurers are a bunch of women. But it gets dreary and threatening and I got impatient. I pause the movie and take a look at the Wikipedia article. Oh goodness. That’s stupid. I exit the movie and watch a Rifftrax short feature instead.

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