1.150 mayday

Friday 5/1/2020

At last, the first of May! (Memory brings back from my college days, “Hurray hurray, the first of May, outdoor screwing begins today” — as if any of us were doing any screwing in any locale. But I digress.) No, the first of May means, it is not a fashion faux pas to wear straw hats in public! (Only a boor would be seen outside in a panama hat before May Day or after Labor Day.) I own a couple of very nice panama hats, and I’ve been putting off wearing them on walks until now.

I don’t wear any hat on my runs, which I took one of this morning. Then back to the cell, oh get real, it is a very nice and comfortable apartment. Did some coding. Then at noon came the email from Ace Hardware, so after lunch I walked up there (in my straw hat) and they brought out my bottle of Liquid Gold. I did a test application and it looks good.


Couple coats of that and the table should look a lot better. However I decided to wait until tomorrow to apply it. This morning I had taken all my recycling to the collection area down the hall, so I have no newspapers to put down. Tomorrow’s paper will serve to protect against spills. Ok I was smart enough to move it off the carpet, but I don’t want oily stuff getting on my vinyl plank floor either.

Later the bluetooth game controller I ordered last week arrived. I paired it to the big iMac and was disappointed to find that Vendetta didn’t respond to it. I have a couple of other games to try with it.

Friday brings CEO Rhonda’s 4pm phone meeting. It’s actually a zoom meeting but most people attend by phone. Anyway the big news today was that with the modification of the shelter orders, construction can restart on our 5th floor upgrade. That’s very good news. Doesn’t affect me directly, but there are a lot of 5th floor residents who in early February moved out to temporary quarters, and suddenly found themselves with no schedule for when they could move back.

In response to a question from someone else, Rhonda clarified that only contractors who could be limited to the 5th floor would be coming back. They can enter and exit via the freight elevator and never interact with residents in any way. But there is no unlocking for the contractors who would enter current units. Which means, sigh, the Valet company, to whom I paid a sizeable deposit back in February, can’t come in and remodel my closets.

In the latest Channing House newsletter there is a timeline of our virus response. It is amazing how much has gone down in two months:

  • 2/28, first confirmed case in Santa Clara county
  • 3/2, dining room stops all self-service, removes anything multiple people would handle
  • 3/4, limit of 3 people per elevator
  • 3/6, library, gift shop close; dining room limits to 3 people per table
  • 3/9, 9 cases in SCC; residents must sanitize hands before entering dining room
  • 3/11, all outside visitors banned
  • 3/12, NBA and NCAA seasons canceled
  • 3/14, start checking staff temperatures on entry
  • 3/15, begin checking residents’ temperatures on entry
  • 3/16, official “shelter in place order” announced; new hand-washing room installed and residents wash hands before entering dining room
  • 3/17, dining room closed; residents pick up take-out meals in brown paper bags; gym closed, fitness classes canceled
  • 3/22, no more entry from the garage, those who want to use their cars must park on the street
  • 3/25, start of food delivery to each resident’s door; first fitness classes on zoom

So that was “a year in a month”, says Rhonda, of the staff handling all those changes so fast.


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