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Saturday, 4/25/2020

So friend Joanne has read the novel and besides spotting a typo, says it needs more action. Guess what the one other beta reader who has responded said? That was 14yo Shivam, who said, needs more stuff happening. But he liked the ending. Dear goodness, the chapters are short and there’s something happening in each one of them. Gotta amp it up somehow.

Did some coding on Crafting Interpreters, brought it to section 8.2, it executes expressions and the print statement. Next, adding variables.

For variety I turned to another ongoing project, learning better to use Affinity Photo, the app I chose to replace Photoshop. Went through a tutorial chapter.

Did some reading. I have downloaded several free (Kindle Unlimited) books and am reading through them alternately. Except yesterday, Craig posted to the house bulletin board about the pleasure of re-reading classics, and mentioned John Buchan. That reminded me of The Thirty-Nine Steps. I read that when I was quite young and enjoyed it. In more recent decades I’ve seen the Hitchcock movie (I think on PBS?) and also attended the theatrical version, I think at the Hillbarn theater? Anyway, 30 seconds on the keyboard and I had a copy from Gutenberg.org. So I read the first third of that today.

Meanwhile I was exchanging emails with Prudence who wants to replace a failing MacBook, about whether to buy a refurb or a new Air. It’s a tough decision.

Chatted with Dennis. Got an email from Laurel. A long-time friend of hers has died of Covid-related illness. Two days ago I mailed Laurel a check for some tiding-over money. Clearly she hadn’t received it, so I answered, asking if she’d checked her PO box lately? She wrote back, “why?” and I didn’t answer.

The little green tin of Bag Balm arrived. It definitely makes the backs of my hands less dry, more flexible. And I smell like a veterinary’s office. But nobody smells me but me, so it doesn’t matter.



One thought on “1.145 novel, code, app, advice

  1. Oh…….I just read where you sent me a lovely “tidemeover” check….my goodness…!
    I will go to post office tomorrow…
    I’m SO grateful and Blessed that you love me and Care enough to send me a helpful hand-($$)
    Thank you so much in advance- I’ll let you know as soon as I recieved it-
    So grateful- laurel


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