1.144 and the other

Friday, 4/24/2020

Oh my. The days are starting to run together. But I try to keep some structure. Today, as on Monday and Wednesday, I went for a run. About a block out, I began to feel that something was missing. Oh. My mask. I was out without a mask. I opted to keep going but kept well wide of the few other people I saw.

Spent a couple of hours moving into Chapter 9 of Crafting Interpreters, which entailed changing around everything I’d done in Chapter 7 and 8, to handle statements instead of expressions.

Took two (2) naps out of sheer boredom.

At Rhonda’s weekly phone meeting, the big news was that an employee had tested positive for the Covid. But however, that employee had for the last three weeks been on leave, quarantined at home, because one of their relatives had had symptoms. So they would likely not have been able to infect anyone here. Dodged a bullet there, we did. And hurray for the house policies that sends someone home for a possible contact; and hurray for the employee who admitted to the contact.

Had a zoom “cocktail party” with Betty and Jerry. And that was about it for the day.

Oh, my newspaper recycling basket came from etsy. As did my soap dispenser gel. So there are only two ordered items circling in the stratosphere waiting to land.

Oh my goodness, I forgot the really big news! For a couple of weeks I have been hoarding a diminishing supply of kleenex. Down to a little wad in each of two boxes. And of course they aren’t in the stores. Somebody ordered some in last week’s grocery order and none came. Well, I was putting the gel soap refill bottle away in the cupboard under my bathroom vanity and I found: two boxes of kleenex!! which I had bought weeks ago, stored, and forgotten about. Such a relief! I can blow my nose for at least another month.

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