1.146 weight, what?

Sunday 4/26/2020

So I’ve been tracking my weight and it’s creeping up, I’ve gained a couple pounds in a month. Not a catastrophe, still juuuust under 175. I used to weigh in the high 180s for years, although I didn’t weigh myself very often. Then in the middle of 2018, I discovered I was down to 175, a full 10 pound drop, which was verified when I had a physical in early 2019, and the doctor commented on it. That was probably due to stress, dealing with Marian’s illness. I certainly changed my eating habits drastically while she spent weeks in the hospital; and when she was back home, and we were back to our usual meal schedule, we both ate more lightly than we had in healthier times.

I’ve been pleased that I kept to that 172-174 range since. I was under a fair amount of stress still, in the transition year of 2019, and as I noted in this blog then, eating adequately but very minimally. But now, for going on 10 months I’ve been settled in comfortable circumstances, with no stress and regular food service on tap three times a day. And I still hung in that range — until the last couple of weeks. What up, body?

Actually it took only a very few seconds of thought to realize what up. Or down, rather. Since early 2019, I have been spending about 6-10 hours a week at FOPAL, much of it on my feet, often carrying boxes of books. And I’ve been spending about 6 hours a week at the CHM warehouse, mostly on my feet. And typically 2-3 hours a week at the museum,  giving tours. Call it 15-20 hours a week of light exercise. Now? Maybe four, one-hour walks a week, so my exercise is down by 11-16 hours a week.

That’s a fair number of calories that I have not been burning for the last month. Really,  the only surprise is that I haven’t gained more and faster. Light exercise burns 250-300 calories an hour. To compensate for my lost volunteer work I need to reduce my intake by, roughly, 250*15~=4000 calories per week. Divide by 7, call it, oh, at least 500/day less intake.

I’ve already put in my weekly menu request for the next seven days. I’d like to get it back so I could X-out all the desserts that I left in. I had already canceled breakfasts, having instead a 400-calorie low-carb shake. “For the duration” I must eat only the protein serving and the salads in the house dinners and lunches. Also the veg, when it is not (a) overcooked or (b) carrots. (Our kitchen loves carrots.) Skip the rice, potatoes, other carbs. And the desserts, dammit. Well, their desserts are not that wonderful. I can deal.

So, at supper, I dumped the dessert, which was some kind of blueberry pudding and really not appetizing anyway. Also the veg, which was overcooked.

Today was gardening day, i.e. the day for watering the plants. I have fuschias! Two of the plants I bought the last time I was able to go to the nursery are fuschias, of quite different looks. Both of them started blooming this week and very prettily.

A couple of weeks ago I took some cuttings from one of the old wax plants and put them in water, hoping for roots. They’ve stayed green, but no roots. Oh, well. Today I potted them anyway. Somebody gave me a nice-looking hanging pot; it hangs nicely from my spiral plant-stand. I thought I’d use that. Then I noticed that it looks nice but it has no drain hole. That’s not acceptable; what to do? I remembered that in my drill kit, I have a small masonry bit. So I took the pot down to the storage unit in the basement, hauled out the drill, and started drilling. I wasn’t sure the pot wouldn’t shatter, but if so, eh. But it didn’t; the bit went right through it in three places with hardly a chip. So, drain holes.

Back upstairs, load it with potting soil, stick in the cuttings, water, hang. Good luck, wax plants. We’ll see.

Did some programming which was fun. The interpreter code that I’m translating is in Java, a very verbose language. I was delighted to translate a many-line function into a slick recursive one-liner. Shades of APL days.

And that was Sunday.

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