1.143 this and that

Thursday, 4/23/2020

First thing, I zoomed into Victoria’s 7am aerobics class, half an hour of stepping and reaching and stretching. This time, since I had a shirt on, I connected with video on. And one other person, Michelle, connected. This is a nice way to feel like I’ve had some exercise. Since I usually am up by 6:15, I’ve had my coffee and read the paper. Little exercise; shower; breakfast; boom.

Did a little coding. Then went out for a walk. After lunch, this being Thursday, my bag of clean linens arrived at my door. Although I did the cleanup on Tuesday, I got out the vacuum and the swiffer and did a once-over lightly, just to get into the rhythm, as Thursdays have been the traditional day for my unit to be cleaned. (Come back, Wanda!) Made the bed. Took the old sheets and towels down the hall.

Yesterday I did a little research googling and verified that I could (quite easily) transfer all the apps and data from my old phone to a new one, myself. So I’m thinking about ordering the SE, not waiting for the Apple stores to reopen. Today I talked to an online customer rep at the Apple store, to verify another point. Just about a year ago I turned in Marian’s iMac and some other stuff, and got Apple gift cards, which have been sitting on my desk since. I wanted to know, if I bought the new iPhone SE online, could I use one or more gift cards to pay? Assured I could. So now I’ll wait until it is actually available.

Piddled around doing other online stuff. That was pretty much the day. Oh, two different people called me up for mac help. I have got to find a way to stop that. I don’t want to be rude, and anyway if they call the tech line, Bert will likely refer the call to me. But still.


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