1.142 road scholar, car, code

Wednesday, 4/22/2020

Went for a run; good. Then to business. I had received an email from Road Scholar saying that had credited me with $3242 for the canceled Swiss trip. But that trip was fully funded. The $3242 was the amount I had paid by check. There was another ~3000 that was paid via the credit for the canceled Greek trip of last September.

So I called them, and as usual their phone support was good. Justin found the records of the payments, said yes, the trip was fully paid for, but it’s “in two different places”, and I should get another email showing the additional credit.

That, and a little internet reading, brought me to 10am when I went down to the basement and took the car out for its weekly freedom ride. Was it Chuck Berry who sang “No particular place to go”? Why, yes it was! Thing about driving in the shutdown, there is literally no place to go. I had an hour-plus before they would close the garage doors. I thought to drive up Page Mill to Foothills park, where there’s a viewpoint looking North toward the City. On this very clear day, I thought I would probably be able to see all sorts of detail.

Alas, at the foot of the uphill part of the road was a warning sign, “Foothills Park Access Closed.” Oh, fudge. I settled for a quiet drive along Arastradero and down through Menlo Park. Lots of bicyclists out on a lovely day, cool yet sunny. Lots of California poppies along the road edge, only a little lupine yet. Almost makes me sorry I gave up biking. Almost, but not quite.

In the afternoon, some coding on Crafting Interpreters. Oh, and a package arrived. I was thinking this morning, I have five different items coming toward me:

  • Two cases of Sparkling Ice, the no-cal soda I drink,
  • A box of refills for my Frixion erasable pens; that one is apparently coming from Japan and has been in transit for a couple of weeks,
  • A woven basket to hold newspapers for recycling, that I ordered from a maker on Etsy,
  • A bottle of gel hand soap refill from Amazon,
  • A box of Bag Balm, because my hands are getting dry and scaly from all the washing; this was out of stock at the maker but I found a box on eBay.

I picture myself like some kind of wizard on a tower, commanding my flying monkeys to come to me from all corners of the compass. So this afternoon the Sparkling Ice came in, and I’m set for another 3 weeks on that at least.


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