1.141 code, cleaning

Tuesday, 4/21/2020

In the morning I zoomed in to an aerobics session that Veronica, our recently hired fitness person, had scheduled for 7am. I was the only attendee at that Zoom meeting. I did not share my video because I was only wearing shorts. So poor Veronica led her class of one, represented as a black square with my name in it, through half an hour of aerobics, enough to get me sweating a bit. Next time I’ll put on a shirt and share my video.

At 9am I realized the CH Writer’s group was to meet at 11am, and I hadn’t written anything. The “cue” for the week was “illness” so I threw together something about my aortic valve replacement. It went over well, although some of the others had really interesting and well-written pieces, better than mine.

During the morning I tidied up the code I wrote and tested it. I had completed Chapter 6 of the Crafting Interpreters book. Later in the day and after supper I went back and added two features to it based on some extra-credit “challenges” at the end of the chapter.

Just after lunch there was a knock, one of the guys from facilities delivering my Swiffer and my vacuum! The vacuum was a bit of a disappointment; it’s just a Dust Devil hand vacuum with a long handle and a floor head extension. No carpet brush. But I set to work.

First I went around with a rag and dusted all the horizontal surfaces. Getting all the dust onto the floor, right? Then I moved all the furniture onto the carpets. I swept the hard floor, then swiffered (swiffed?) it. I used both sides of one of the wet pads, turning it solid gray. I probably should have changed pads halfway.

IMG_4979Then I moved all the furniture off the carpets and went to work with the vacuum. I did pick up a fair amount of stuff, so I guess the vacuum will do. This is its little filter cup after doing my two rooms.

It feels good to have that out of the way and have the tools to do it again next week.

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