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Monday, 4/13/2020

Went for a run. The outside temp was over 60, so for the first time this year I didn’t wear any kind of jacket or my hoodie, just t-shirt and shorts. Later in the day, with the temp still 65 or so, I put on my hoodie and sat out in my recliner on the deck for an hour. So, spring is here.

Last night instead of watching TV I wrote up how I understood the Visitor Pattern. Today I edited it and put it into my growing Crafting Interpreters code base here. I also adapted an example from the wikipedia entry on the Visitor Pattern into a test program and ran it. Now I feel ready to return to the book and start reproducing some of Nystrom’s code.

In the afternoon, the daily status email from the management contains this paragraph:

The Tower and Lee Center garages will open for residents to take their cars out for a drive to keep them charged and “exercised” every Wednesday from 11-11:30 AM. Please note that the garage will open only for 30 minutes, so if you are not back by 11:30 AM, you will need to park in the Webster lot or on the street.

A staff person will be assigned to monitor garage gates during this time. Please note that Channing House staff will not be jump-starting cars or providing any other mechanic services. If you need to jump-start your vehicle, you would need to call your roadside service provider. Social distancing protocol still applies, so plan accordingly. No more than 1 in an elevator and keep your 6-feet distance.

The restriction that if you take your car from the garage, you will have to leave it on the street, is the one feature of our sequestration that has caused steady complaints. People really want to come and go in their cars, and kvetched loudly when they no longer could (Day 110 was the announcement, so just 3 weeks now). So this concession, that we’ll man the gates for one half-hour so you can charge your battery, is a big deal. I certainly put it in my schedule. 10:45 Wednesday I head for the garage and out the door at 11. I probably won’t stay out more than 15 minutes, just long enough to get the engine warm.

Notice the warning that if you need a jump-start, you’re on your own? I’m glad I went down on Day 1.120 and ran the engine. Soon after that, the rule came down that running the engine inside the garage couldn’t be allowed any more; fumes got into the building somehow.

In the evening I picked up a package, my electronics parts from Jameco. So tomorrow I can try to make an LED flasher for the little metronome. That will be stressful. I just known I am going to reverse-bias the LED and blow it up.



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