1.132 sunday, much like saturday…

Sunday, 4/12/2020

…and Friday and Thursday… Actually I’m very comfortable and under no stress at all. (The CH Writers’ Group “writing prompt” for the next meeting is, “what are you afraid of?” and I have to think a while. Aside from obvious things like “getting cancer” I don’t think I have any on-going fears. For which I try to remember to be grateful.) I do miss all sorts of ordinary things, like going for drives, my volunteer gigs, and eating at restaurants. But as solitary confinements go, this is pretty plush.

So by 10am I had read the paper, done the big puzzle, watered the plants and tidied the room. There was a new video from one of the youtubers I follow. I did some programming and really got on top of the Visitor Pattern. I went for a 3-mile walk, up into the Stanford campus.

Channing House is trying to keep spirits up. About 4pm there was a knock on the door; it was servers from the kitchen with bottles of white wine and easter-themed chocolates. Nice. Had a phone call from Dennis, an email from Scott, and (yesterday) a text from SWBB friend Nancy. So, connected.

Games. Yesterday I tried out and eliminated Everything and Gnog. The first is just weird. You are dumped into a cartoonish landscape populated with animal figures that move in a very peculiar way. You can apparently become any other living thing you bump into, so you just keep moving from avatar to avatar. But why? The second is an attractive puzzle game, in which you manipulate crazy objects to make them do things. I don’t like puzzle games, it turns out. They make me feel stupid. After I’ve poked and clicked and dragged every which way on a thing and it doesn’t do anything, I get bored and want an answer. Oh, if you click this and drag that in the right sequence, it turns over and there’s other stuff. Don’t care.

Today I tried out A good snowman is hard to build. It’s a puzzle game. Your little avatar builds a snowman by rolling balls of snow to make them the right size, then stacks them. Problem is, the field is limited. If you get a snowball up against a wall, you can’t move it more, except sideways. So you have to figure the exact sequence of rolls that will let you get the three balls to the right size, and stack them, without getting any ball stuck. The reward is you get to move on to another puzzle. See above; it made me feel stupid.

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