1.134 metronome, groceries, meeting

Tuesday, 4/14/2020

Somehow, I never got out of the building today. Just busy busy. Quite a bit of time I put into trying to repair the little metronome. My aim was to replace the neon light it used to flash on the beat, which had been crushed, with a jumbo yellow LED. The device had only raw 120VAC power, no chips or transistors to supply low voltage DC that LEDs need. But, the internet to the rescue, and I found a circuit to power an LED off line voltage. I’d ordered the components a few days ago and they came yesterday. So I put together a little circuit, soldered it up, and mounted it inside the box.

And it worked.

Which was pleasing but then I realized it wasn’t working very well. Most speeds didn’t run at all. I had done something wrong in assembling it, perhaps, or maladjusted the tricky little drive train. I fiddled with the mechanical parts for a couple of hours. Then I thought, maybe I can find some hints online, although that seemed a faint hope.

Well, you can find the Franz Metronome model LM-FB5 online. There are quite a few of them for sale on eBay, clean, original, claimed to be working 100%, starting at $13 and going up to $40. So, not a highly valuable item, and if a person wanted one, easy to come by. I almost bought one, just to have a look inside one that worked, but decided not to.

Later, one of my neighbors asked if I was doing a grocery order this week. Since I don’t need anything, I had hoped nobody else would. But no. So I put out order forms and tomorrow will put in an order. Back to Edgewood market because Molly Stone’s fruit didn’t please.

At 5pm we had our first 6th floor meeting since… January? A while. No real news. Evening I watched the first episode of Ken Burns’ The Gene.





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