1.131 Visitor pattern? games

Saturday, 4/10/2020

Sludged around until 10, when I went for a 2.5-mile walk. The route was basically south on Webster to Page Mill, and back on Waverley. This brought me within half a block of my old house on Tasso street. I considered turning in to look, and instantly vetoed it. I have strong and somewhat conflicting emotions about revisiting that old life that basically ended with Marian’s death. There was six months of tidying up loose ends (documented here about 300 posts back) and then settling in to a new life here. While walking the familiar blocks of Webster, Oregon, and Waverley circling the old home I felt the first flashes of grief I’ve had for months. Not so much grieving the lost partner so much as the lost life in general.

I’ve been reading the poems of one of my neighbors, Elizabeth. She just published a “chapbook” (I’d’a called it a pamphlet, 30 pages in 4×5 size) of poems. They comprise a  scrapbook of vignettes, flashes of her memories of a year centering on the death of her long-time partner. People grieve in different ways and about different things. I suppose I could recall a few vignettes of Marian but I couldn’t make poetry of them. Well, I never claimed to be a poet.

Back at home, I started into chapter 5 of Crafting Interpreters and immediately slammed into something new to me. In his Java code, Nystrom is making use of the “Visitor Pattern“, a fairly sophisticated software engineering technique. I’d maybe barely heard of it; here I am faced with understanding it well enough to reproduce his Java code in Python. The first time I’m having to learn something new for this project, and I welcome it. I backed off to do some reading. Later thought, maybe I should just read ahead in the book and Nystrom might talk about it.


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