1.130 python and stuff

Friday, 4/10/2020

In the morning rather than running I tuned in on zoom to Veronica’s balance and fitness class. It’s 45 minutes, a little slower-paced than the 20-minute video I worked out to earlier in the week. I am ridiculously uncoordinated. A lot of these exercises have you doing one thing with your feet and another with your arms. I have a lot of trouble doing them. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, but I can’t simultaneously kick forward with alternate legs while reaching out and then up with my arms.

Spent maybe 3 hours all told finishing up the code for chapter 4 of Crafting Interpreters. After picking off the usual dozen syntax errors, my code ran all the tests in the test bucket the author provided. On to chapter 4, where we’ll be parsing the tokens and building a syntax tree, I believe.

Spent half an hour on the phone with Connie trying to make her macbook air behave. It is really hard working with people over the phone. “So just click there and you will see…” and they say, “No, actually it is showing me this totally different thing.”

Missed the first part of Rhonda’s 4pm Friday phone meeting. Apparently she said that there was a delay getting the DIY vacuums. I want my vacuum so much. It has been 6 weeks, I think, since my carpets were vacuumed. I made a list of all the surfaces to be dusted, wiped down, swept or vacuumed. Cleaning day could take 3-4 hours. Fine, I’m eager to get started. My hard floor has little gritty bits I feel with my bare feet, too. Well, you know, I do have a broom. I could sweep that. Maybe I will.


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