1.124 nothing much

Saturday 4/4/2020

A quiet day in Sequester City. I took a walk after breakfast. Then I got on a chair and fiddled with the door closer on my apartment door. They install a hydraulic closer as part of the upgrade. I’d just as lief do without it, but I couldn’t see any practical way to remove it. I figured out how to adjust its resistance, however, and set it to minimum. So at least I don’t have to brace my shoulder and lean into it, to hold it back, as I accept my meal package from the server.

Later I looked at part of a walk-through of Broken Age and decided it is really a young kid’s game, with a lot of silly and nonsensical puzzles. So uninstalled that.

That was about it. Reading. A nap. Phone call from Dennis.

I do try to be consciously grateful. I watched Top Chef in the evening, and it made me want to go out to a restaurant. And I can’t. Yeah, I have it tough. I am safe, comfortable, in good health, have my food brought to me, and have money to weather the post-corona recession. So: grateful.



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