1.123 DIY supplies, game

Friday 4/3/2020

Started with a run, which felt fine. Since earlier in the week we have had a three-basin hand-washing station outside the front door. Everyone who enters the building has to be seen washing their hands before the door will open for them. The staff people who stick a probe in my ear to take my temperature are getting to know me, and ask how the run went.

By the way, UPS and etc. delivery people don’t have to wash their hands, because they don’t go in. They put the boxes on the ground and our door person sprays the boxes with disinfectant from a pump bottle, then moves the boxes in himself.

Killed time until lunch. After lunch, I ordered what I’ve been thinking about for a few days. MERV-11 quality furnace filters, and some 1/4-inch elastic. Actually, 5mm elastic because the 1/4-inch width was “only two left, order soon”. So OK, 1/5 of an inch will do, and it was in stock. Can you guess what I’m gonna do when these arrive? Hint: I will be using my kitchen shears and my office stapler.

Later I thought to try out another of my new games. Next in alphabetic order was The Alpha Device. Another big disappointment, and without even a cute big-eyed spider for company. The game screen came up, and then did nothing. No keystrokes or mouse actions caused any reaction whatever, not even the ESC key which is the one constant in every game I’ve played. Hit ESC to bring up a menu to pause, save, or quit. Look for a YT tutorial; no help there, that player somehow smoothly glides into the game world. On the Steam user forum I learn the reason: this game requires a gamepad. It just doesn’t use keyboard or mouse. At all. Hmmm, I wonder what they go for? Quick look at Amazon, around $40. Nope.

Next up, Broken Age. Cute fantasy characters. Maybe. I played this 46 minutes (Steam keeps track of that). It has two different threads with two different main characters who at least at the start, are completely separated in different worlds. I ran the boy character up to a place where I couldn’t make any more progress. I will look at a YT tutorial to cheat. Tomorrow.

At 4pm Rhonda held her weekly phone call. Not a lot of new news, except that the DIY room cleaning kits will include a lightweight vacuum cleaner. They really are going to buy 80+ vacuums for residents to use. But in perspective: how does that cost compare with the cost of the nursing aid positions that they won’t have to fill, when they repurpose some number of housecleaners?

Had a zoom “cocktail party” with Jerry, Betty, and Patty. Consumed my last but one bottle of beer. Can I get more? We will see when we get to the shopping order for next week.


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