1.125 tech support

Sunday, 4/5/2020

Had coffee and read the paper. Then doing email, I followed up with Bert on a tech call from Grace. Grace was my next-door neighbor while I was on the 4th floor. She was having trouble changing her Amazon password. She had written up a nice sheet of notes with all her passwords and PINs, and put that and her iPad in a bag and hung it on Bert’s doorknob.

Well, we should not be passing germs between units (why we will get individual vacuums soon). So what to do? I put on gloves and got the bag from Bert’s door. I discarded the bag as too hard to clean. I wiped down the iPad carefully with my “Virus Death” solution. I made up a bottle of this a couple of weeks back, the last time I went by myself to the grocery. Water, bleach, a couple drops of detergent, a dash of isopropyl alcohol. Wiped thoroughly with the solution on a paper towel, dried with another.

Now I used the iPad to change her password, which worked as it should. Gloved up, wiped the iPad again, returned it to Grace. Hopefully no contamination from her to me or vice versa.

Channing House custom is that Sunday lunch is the main meal of the day. Back when we could eat in the dining room (sniff) people often had relatives in for that meal. These days we get the packaged meals to our doors and, frankly, the fare has been, um, less than inspiring? But today’s lunch was actually pretty good.

My solitary meal, accompanied by an Adam Savage video.

A decent chef’s salad, pea soup, jalapeno corn bread, berry shortcake. I’d have had wine, except I finished my bottle of wine yesterday. I shall try to get a bottle with next week’s grocery order.

Later I tried the next game in my big bundle, Brütal Legend. It turns out to be one of those fighting games, where you control your hero as he slashes and chops and punches an endless series of enemies. I used to watch people playing these on game consoles at the pizza place back in the 90s. This one has a heavy-metal theme; besides his axe, your hero also carries an electric guitar and can hit power chords that slay. Again, well made, amusing graphics, a nice intro video featuring Jack Black; but not the kind of thing I want to spend any time with.




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