1.116 all quiet on the corona front

Friday, 3/27/2020

After breakfast, I went for my run on a nice, partly-sunny, 60º day. It was most pleasant and I felt strong.

Back in the shop I did more of what I’ve been doing. I must be getting over 100 emails a day, the bulk from CH people. The number of political emails has dropped sharply from pre-virus days.

In the afternoon I spent an hour with a game, Dear Esther. It’s a very quiet game; you walk through an extremely pretty and gorgeously rendered island, just looking at stuff and listening to strange voices on the sound track. Nothing to find or pick up, no puzzles to solve. Kills an hour or three.

At 4 it was time for Rhonda’s phone meeting. Notes:

  • Last Friday, 3/20, was when the building was closed to a single entry and screening started. We have turned people away for high temperature, including some staff, who are being monitored at home.
  • Wednesday we started meal delivery and after 3 days we are getting the kinks worked out.
  • New protocol: no staff other than nurses may enter a resident apartment without permission from Rhonda, after having been trained in all safety protocols.
  • Social distancing now should include one person per elevator (it was three).
  • We have challenges getting some supplies: masks, hand sanitizers, etc. We have centralized and locked down all supplies. We’ve requested more from SCC.
  • Soon a hand-wash station will be outside the building. Everyone entering now must wash hands (and staff will mask up) before entering. Staff must wear masks when in public areas.
  • Some staff shortages but not severe yet.

Questions: Care packages from relatives? Yes, ok.

Apartment cleaning once/month as previously announced? Yes, staff are being trained in safety protocols about entering apartments, and we will start the once a month cleaning as planned week of 4/6. But we do have staff shortages in that department and schedule may be modified.

How reliable is the ear temp test, it reads low, 92, 93? (I’m always 96.5 or so when I come in.). Nursing staff set this up and has been doing some training. We have detected high temps and kept people out. We are trying to get the infrared thermometers but they are hard to get.

Shopping, are people going out to stores, post office? We can’t make you stay in but we do not want you to go to those places. We are working on a process to do group shopping, that was to be ready today but isn’t. Stamps: we can weigh envelopes at the front desk and sell stamps. Prescriptions waiting at Walgreen’s? If it can wait a couple of days, we should be able to pick up for you.

Parking/garage: we have obtained parking for our buses off-site, which adds a few spaces in front. But in response to several questions, no, we aren’t changing the single entry policy. No re-entry to the garage.

The call ended just at 5, and I switched over to streaming a concert from SFJazz, in their new Fridays at Five series for members. For fun, I did what I hadn’t done in over a year, connected the TV to the laptop by HDMI and got the big screen and decent sound. Ironic, because I went to a lot of trouble, last year, to acquire a rebuilt older MacBook pro with the HDMI port, which newer ones lack; and this was the first time I used the port.



2 thoughts on “1.116 all quiet on the corona front

  1. Just checking in on you-Bill is “furloughed”- he applied for unemployment…not near enough money to meet our budget- oh well….?
    Sounds like your life is locked down as well-
    Thought I’d try to get some exersize myself…walked 3 blocks and discovered I couldn’t breathe..turned around and made it Home..suspect I need to lose the 50lbs I’ve gained over the last year first!! Yikes!!
    Will try again tomorrow-
    You sound like you are adjusting quite well and keeping busy- just know I’m thinking of you!
    Love from my nest to yours. Laurel


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