1.115 virus, mostly

Thursday, 3/26/2020

Another quiet day in Quarantinia. I got my weekly distribution of linens and made the bed. More reading Query Shark, and something there made me rearrange a couple of sentences in what I thought was my well-honed query letter.

I went for a 3-mile walk before lunch. I started to look at the games I had set aside in my Steam wish-list. The way to get a feel for a game is to go on YT and look for tutorials or walk-throughs. Watching a gamer play the first 20 minutes of a game tells a lot about it. On that basis I removed two games from my wish list. They’d sounded fun in the Steam storefront, but when played, they just did nothing for me.

In the afternoon, read a book for fun.

In the evening, the daily update from CH staff had the news the The Vi has 9 cases now. That’s a facility much like CH in size and clientele. They had five, yesterday. The same update had a new policy:

…effective immediately, we will be placing any resident who returns from the Hospital (including Emergency Room) or Urgent Care on a 14-day isolation/observation… If any resident on a 14-day isolation needs to leave his/her apartment in an emergency situation, they will be provided a mask which is to be worn before leaving the apartment. The resident will be followed by a housekeeper to disinfect the area of travel.

This may sound very extreme. However, after Rhonda participated in a conference call today which included updates from an Executive Director at a community in New York that is similar to Channing House, she came away even more determined to do EVERYTHING we can to keep COVID-19 out of Channing House. Our inconveniences are nothing compared to the daily battle that is being waged in communities across the country with active COVID-19 cases.

Another thing: currently every person entering the building has their temperature taken. Every afternoon about 5, a postal worker comes and spends most of an hour in our mail area, delivering all the mail. So, this:

The US Postmaster has issued a letter to LeadingAge, our trade & advocacy organization, confirming that postal workers cannot be subjected to the same temperature and health screenings that are required of all other people who enter the building. This is a nationwide policy which LeadingAge is challenging on behalf of all Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s), Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Facilities. First, we urge you to avoid direct interactions with the postal worker while he or she is here. Second, wait for the housekeeper to disinfect the mailroom before you pick up your mail.

So: a little bureaucratic cat-fight between the Postmaster General and all the County and State health agencies, with us in the middle.


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