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Wednesday, 3/25/2020

Today was the inaugural of our room-service food delivery. Here’s breakfast.


As I requested on my menu form, 3 pancakes, fruit, apple juice. Arrived about 8:20, so they started in my half of the hallway first.

There was an issue with returning up the dish. The instructions were clear that we can’t leave the dish outside our door for pickup. (Why? That isn’t explained.) We have to hang about until the server arrives with a cart to collect, somewhere in the 1-hour slot following our delivery slot, hence, 9:30-10:30. That’s a pain; they hadn’t arrived by 10 and I was itching to get out and do my run. I walked down the hall with my green container and found the server at the other end, just starting.

The lunch was delivered in disposable paper containers, and nobody stopped by to pick them up. I gather I was to just trash those.

Then at supper time, I was absorbed at my computer and failed to hear the knock on the door. So there was a paper slip under the door, cutely saying “knock knock?” and giving the extension to call for delivery. That was my bad.

Late in the day, there was further CH communication on food delivery. Surprisingly, the green containers are in short supply. We are asked to rinse ours and return them. There was also a phone/email talk by CEO Rhonda, mostly responding to her hearing some residents refer to the current restrictions as “arbitrary”. She said in part,

I’d like to explain that each change implemented has been far from arbitrary. We are receiving notifications daily… from various agencies including the Public Health Departments for the State of California and Santa Clara County. We study these updates carefully, discuss … the implications of any necessary process changes, then we change our operational processes in order implement the guidance… we are also planning for practices that will be deployed in the event that we find ourselves with a case of COVID-19.

… as a reminder, Channing House is licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and California Department of Social Services (DSS). A CDPH Surveyor stopped by for an unannounced visit on Monday to ensure that we were implementing the guidance and directives that have been issued. She was very pleased with what she found. … In addition, I spoke with the Santa Clara County Dept of Health yesterday and they are also very pleased with all the safeguards we have in place.

A side note, The Vi, our cross-town rival, has gone from having two cases, to five.

In the middle of the day I spent more time on agent info collection. I found Query Tracker, a site specifically designed to assist authors in the tedious and complex search for an agent. I looked up all the agents in my spreadsheet and set up my Query List. I’ll be able to track the submissions and replies there. Although in truth, I could have done the same thing in the spreadsheet, if a little more clumsily. What Query Tracker has, though, is author comments on each agent, as well as aggregating statistics on how many rejections and acceptances each has and their response time. So by using it to record my submissions and responses, I’m helping build a dataset.

Something triggered my memory of boogie woogie piano, and I looked up one of my favorite players on YT. That was so invigorating (it was because I was playing boogie woogie at high volume that I didn’t hear the supper time knock) that I decided to share. I put a link to one performance on the CHBB list with the subject “Hump Day Boogie Woogie”. I got several thank-yous, so I will continue that as a weekly series.


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