1.111 video, shopping

Sunday, 3/22/2020

Breakfast (Keto Chow and my last <sniff> cinnamon-raisin muffin) in the room.

Fixed the iPad video, uploaded it, and sent the links to Betty. Suggesting that her husband Jerry could do a better job and I’d help. (I know he has video editing experience.)

On behalf of the grocery shopping email-conference, I went to neighborhood.com and found the names of grocery delivery services people had commented on. Then looked at each site and wrote some notes. To me instacart looks best, unless shipt.com, which charges a membership fee, is more reliable.

And that brought me to 10am. I did some classifying at Zooniverse. After fetching and eating my lunch, I went out for a walk, again around my 3-mile jogging loop (I have no imagination) (or car).

Following a short nap I set up my big computer to work with Boinc on Rosetta@Home, helping to figure out the shape of virus proteins. Like ten years ago I had my larger Mac doing that. High time to put that big CPU and GPU back to work on something other than a screen-saver, where it spends 23 hours of most days.

Then read Query Shark some more, and then read more fun stuff until time to fetch my supper box.


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