1.110 Zoom, quarantine

Saturday 3/21/2020

Per the Johns Hopkins dashboard, 316,652. If the current, nice exponential curve fit continues with a 6-day doubling time, then 3/28 should see ~650K.

With no events on my google calendar, nothing makes the days different. Wasted time in the morning. Picking up lunch, Betty asked me to help Kiki learn to use Zoom conferencing on her iPad. Betty wants to use Zoom for various committee meetings, but finds some residents struggle.

Later Betty got Kiki’s iPad and brought it to me. I shot some video showing the process, and the same on the Macbook. Later, took the iPad to Kiki’s room and stepped her through the process to join a little meeting. Then I went back to my room and joined the same meeting, and Jerry did from an Android tablet.

In the afternoon I edited the videos. Had an issue trying to upload to YT from iMovie, which used to work perfectly. Converted to .mp4 and manually uploaded, and then found that somehow I’d lost a key edit in the iPad one, so I need to re-upload that tomorrow.

Late in the afternoon came an email from Channing House, saying in part,

First, a plea from our nursing staff. Please do not go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the doctor or any other outside location unless you absolutely have to. COVID-19 is in Palo Alto and the surrounding area and the numbers are against us. Each time you encounter others, you risk exposing yourself. Some you encounter may be carriers without showing symptoms.

In response to that, Mary M. invited me by email to join a group planning how to do group orders of grocery deliveries. You never realize how often you stop by a store for some little thing, until you can’t stop by the store any more.

The CH email also said,

Effective Sunday, access to the garages will be restricted. If you are parked in the garage now, you will be able to leave. But, you will not be able to access the garage upon your return. Please park in the lot outside on Webster Street. Or you can park on the street. Parking restrictions are not being enforced by the City at this time.

The reason for this change is to limit access to the building to one entry point, in accordance with guidance from California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This change will be in effect until further notice.

The response to that has been less positive. On my floor, Patty has been quite vocal in complaining about this. She suggests that if they want the single point of entry, that we park in the garages and walk up the entry ramp and around to the front door. IMO that’s a non-starter; the vehicle ramps are steep and present an obvious physical challenge to some, and a fall hazard to everyone, plus mixing vehicle and pedestrian traffic with poor sight-lines.

So what am I going to do? The next time I take the car out, I will have to leave it on the street, exposed to the elements (and to catalytic converter thieves). OK, I have no urgent need to take the car out just now. I will defer it as long as possible. However, I am loath to use my normal alternative, Lyft. Get into a closed vehicle with a driver who may be contagious? Nunh-unh, baby.




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