1.112 zoom party

Monday, 3/23/2020

Johns Hopkins dashboard: 350,563, about 10% in two days. Oh, and I’m watching a video about the virus made on 3/15, when they mention 153,517 cases. So from 3/15 to Saturday 3/21, the case count doubled. Exponential with a doubling time of 6+ days.

Of course “cases” mean people who have been tested positive. But that’s only a very approximate measure of actual infections. In the U.S. testing will be increasingly available in coming days which will accelerate the count here. But it is widely assumed that sub-Saharan African countries aren’t doing adequate, or any, testing, so likely there are many unknown cases there. But by this COVID calculator, Palo Alto alone will see 5000-8000 hospitalizations and 400-800 deaths.

Went for a run, felt fine. Then sat down to catch up with the internet and email and between them, it is almost noon! I’ve corresponded with several people and read a ton of interesting stuff, and still have the one-hour video that was strongly recommended to me waiting to play.

Quarantine, it’s a rich full life.

At 5pm I was invited to a virtual “cocktail party” on Zoom, by Betty and Jerry. Six of us, including Craig and Diane, plus Gwen and Mary. I was the only one who brought a glass of wine. Conversation was mostly about the virus, including a ridiculous, bone-headed column by Friedman in the NYT.

However in the midst of the party I checked my email and there was a Channing House announcement: starting Wednesday, the present system of take-out meals will be dropped in favor of meal delivery to each room. After all the work staff went through to set up and run the current system,¬† I’m surprised. And disappointed, because there’ll be no more choices to make; the menu will be fixed.


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