1.099 quiet day with novel

Overnight I realized that the new pillow I’d bought really was uncomfortable, just a bit, well, a lot, too thick, and made my neck hurt. At 3am I got up and found the old one and stuffed it into the pillowcase.

Tuesday, 3/10/2020

Absolutely nothing in my Google Calendar for today, a rarity. Whatever shall I do? After breakfast I decided to cowboy up and finish the goddam novel. Simultaneously, the people working on the 5th Floor Upgrade began heavy demolition directly below me. They make a lot of use of a hammer-drill that sounds like a jackhammer. So I put my laptop in a bag and headed out to the good old P.A. Cafe. Sat down at a table with a coke and a scone to write, just like Adam@Home:

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 4.29.47 PM

And I damn well did write the whole climax of the story, foiling the bad guys in a totally humiliating way. Still need a closing scene to wrap things up and tie loose ends.

The committee that keeps the art display in the lobby fresh had requested new material, this time themed “your island getaway”. I have that excellent shot of a blue doorway on Pyrgos, which is an island, so I had printed it out 11×14 and put it in a frame, and on the way out this morning I offered it to them. Unfortunately the frame I was using did not hang on their particular picture rail. So from the cafe I went to Michael’s crafts store to look for another cheap frame. There are lots of cheap frames, but none of them have good hanging widgets, and none are set up to take a wire across the back. I got one frame that might work.

Since I was just a block from Bed Bath and Beyond, I went in there and bought another pillow, identical to the one I bought last year and which was getting lumpy and floppy. It is also comfortable. If I have to replace it annually, so be it.

Back to CH with lots of time in hand. Sat down at the big computer and wrote a satisfactory closing scene, one which wrapped things up for the moment but which leaves it open to continue the story in the future.

Done. It only took thirty years. Well not really; but I first imagined the planet, Pelajis, and the idea of setting an Arthur Ransome style of children’s story on it, in 1987 or so. I started actually writing it in 2017, so only three years really.

What next? Well, I am going to reformat the text into a Google Doc so I can share it. Then I need to find beta readers, preferably, young ones — since it is after all, meant for the “middle grade” demographic. Would middle-graders actually read it?

Second, submit cover and opening chapters to some agents. I am not going to try to self-publish this book. Self-publishing is a great vehicle for people who can promote themselves. I have amply demonstrated that I can’t. If I can’t get a legit publisher, which means, via an agent, then too bad. It’s a failure.

Think I’ll go out for supper.

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