1.100 novel, FOPAL, virus

Wednesday, 3/11/2020

Went for a run. Might have finished a minute faster than the previous time, but that could also be due to not having to wait for a traffic light. Anyway I felt strong and healthy, which is good.

Did a bit of paperwork left over from my annual review with the Financial Advisors. They Advised that I should really have $3M of general liability coverage, not the paltry $1M included in my Renter’s insurance policy. So I emailed my agent. Later she replied that I could get such a policy, and then could dial back the liability coverage in my Renter’s and Auto policies to almost make up the difference. So that’s in progress.

Next, I did a copy of the full text (which is 43,000 words) of the novel, and pasted it into a new Google Doc. That took Google at least 30 seconds to digest. I thought it wasn’t coming back, but it did. I started reading through the text, tweaking the format so it looked like a book, not a manuscript, and immediately spotted a typo.

It is well-known to writers that when you reformat something, change the font or the line spacing or whatever, suddenly you will start to see things you didn’t before. So now I have to do a full read and edit in the new format, and of course, have to make the same edits in the “real” document at the same time.

Also interesting that Google Docs has a grammar checker. It has a spell-checker that puts a wiggly red line under words it thinks are misspelled; Open Doc (which I am using for the “real” manuscript) also does that. But Google Docs also puts a blue wiggly line under any phrase that doesn’t look right to it grammatically, and that has already showed me two typos where I missing words. (Like missing “had” in that line.)

At 11am I headed out to FOPAL for my usual Wednesday sorting shift. Did four hours of sorting, as usual moving many, many boxes of books. At 4pm my back was painful; time for the usual “two ibuprofen and a nap” prescription.

But there were new emails from the Channing House Response team. They’ve received guidance from the powers that be: when there is even one confirmed case in the county, all senior facilities in that county should lock down. Santa Clara county has 48 cases (as of yesterday), so at Channing House:

  • No visitors at all, family, vendors, whatever
  • No contact with the contractors who continue to work on the 5th floor upgrade
  • Strongly recommend that residents avoid all unnecessary outside activities that involve groups of any size

Although walks in the neighborhood are fine. I’m thinking hard about my volunteer activities, which are quite limited.

Tomorrow I’m to go to Yosemite for artifact work. That’s a group of maybe 5 people who are smart enough not to show up if they have cold symptoms. Should be OK.

Processing computer books at FOPAL, and sorting books there outside of donation hours, exposes me again to at most four or five other volunteers. I had already been wearing latex gloves while handling books. I may want to quit sorting during donation hours, 2-4pm, when members of the unwashed public come in to donate.


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